When did “being you” go out of style?  For some reason, it is no longer cool to just BE yourself.  Instead, everyone is mesmerized by the whole “Do YOU” mantra.  We spend our time, energy, and certainly our money illuminating that person we want everyone to think we are. You know, the one with all the stuff… smart, good-looking, well dressed, well versed, luxury ride, big house, debt-free, and let’s not forget…on his/her way to the TOP (wherever that is). We are rapidly morphing into the person we want to appear to be, while losing our true selves in the process.

Over six years ago I decided to go natural and do the big chop, or TBC as many refer to it.  Afterwards, I remember looking in the mirror and realizing the woman staring back at me was a complete stranger.  It had very little to do with the hair or the physical me, but it had absolutely everything to do with the inner me. For the first time in my life, I realized I was disconnected from myself.  Because I was so consumed with the person I thought I “should” be, I had abandoned the person I “longed” to be. 

The untimely death of my mother ignited a reality check within me, prompting me to really assess what was most important, and encouraging me to function accordingly.  I now realize I spent years of my life diligently working on a Tameka who lacked many of the characteristics, gifts, and desires of the true Tameka. 

Now, absolutely every morning, I take a moment to intentionally stare at that woman in the mirror, studying her, and growing to know the woman God designed me to be.  I now realize “Doing YOU” is so easy when you decide to just “BE you.”

Instead of spinning your rat wheel trying to maintain someone you’re not, take a break and ask God to reveal the person He created you to be.  Today is a great day to get reacquainted with the true you.

Peace and Blessings,

Mama Tameka