Our Story/Mission

Brown Baby Design®  is a Black woman owned and family operated business, founded by MamaTeacherPreneur, Tameka Prude Selders.  As a mother of three black children, an elementary educator to hundreds of children of color, and the wife of a clinical psychologist who’s committed to wellness in the Black community, Tameka witnesses first-hand the connection between “what I believe about myself” and “what I will do.” 

While anticipating the birth of her only daughter in 2001, she began to journal ideas of possible projects to uplift and celebrate the Black child.  In addition to writing and illustrating books, she dreamed of launching a children’s apparel and educational products company, specifically targeting Black families and children.  After years of planning, writing, and sketching, Tameka’s dreams came to fruition, and in 2007, Brown Baby Design® was launched in the garage of the Selders Home in Dallas, Texas.

Today, Brown Baby Design® is a thriving children’s apparel brand and a successful minority woman owned custom printing and promotional products company, with an inventory of over 200 original copyrighted items and screen printing and Direct-to-Garment services.  We are extremely proud of our 15-year history of positively impacting children, and our presence as residents and business owners in the South Dallas Community. 

Tameka and her Brown Baby designs have been featured across the country in many publications and venues including ESSENCEFest, essence.com, MegaFest, Nappiology, Taliah Waajid World Natural Hair Show, Everything She, BossMann Magazine, and The Griot.

Our Mission: Why We Do What We Do

For many years, parents of Black and Brown children have experienced a very limited availability of retail products specifically created for our children. Whether it’s a doll or super hero figure, a backpack or lunch box, the odds of walking into a store and finding something that resembles a brown child are often far fewer than those resembling others. Instead of waiting on major retailers to acknowledge and adjust this reality, we decided to create items for our own children.

The mission of Brown Baby Design is to celebrate and affirm the heritage, beauty, intelligence, talent, and overall AWESOMENESS of Black and Brown children everywhere. Each piece is created to communicate a very intentional message of self-affirmation, self-love, and confidence.

We are very excited to be a part of the black business owners’ retail revolution to educate our children, embrace our heritage, and celebrate our culture!