Public Speaking and Workshops

Dr. and Mrs. Selders travel the country, both collectively and independently, serving as key note speakers, panelists, presenters, and workshop facilitators for a variety of entities including corporations, independent school districts, community groups, and non-profits organizations.  With years of experience in working with families and children, they have launched a very successful campaign missioned to encourage individuals to become “intentional” in their everyday practices, especially those pertaining to the overall health and success of the family unit.  They’ve just completed their first parenting book together which is expected to grace bookstore shelves later this year.
Some of their highly requested workshop topics include:
  • When Good Enough Is Not Good Enough: Practical Tools for Intentional Parenting
  • Practice Makes Probable: The Childhood-Adulthood Connection
  • Discipline and Parenting: Control is NOT a Dirty Word!
  • Daily Boost: The Importance of Raising Confident Children
  • Sometimes Sweet…Sometimes Funky: Exploring the many Layers of the Teenage “Onion”
  • Fatherlessness and It’s Toll on The African American Community
  • Are You Ready to Compete? Examining the Realities of the College Admission Process
  • Parenting Your Students: Understanding Your Role as Teacher
  • Laying Low: The Constructivist Classroom and Its Impact on Student Success
  • Getting Down and Dirty: 25 Hands-On Ideas for Teaching Reading without Paper and Pencil
  • Education vs. Schooling: The Importance of a Village Community
  • The Daily Choice: Choosing to Be Married
  • It’s Not About You: The Reality of Sacrifice in Marriage
  • Turn on the Lights! Bringing Intimacy Out of Darkness and Into Light
  • Who Opened the Flood Gates? Practicing Effective and Balanced Communication
  • Step Up to the Plate: Defining Roles and Responsibilities in Marriage
  • Code Blue: Understanding the Signs and Symptoms of Mental Illness
  • Tackling Stigma: Raising Awareness of Mental Illness in Ethnic Minority Communities
  • In The Midst of Loss: Tackling Grief and Sadness
  • Juggling It All: The Work Life Imbalance
For a copy of speaker sheets, speaker media kits, or to book Dr. or Mrs. Selders for your next event, please send all correspondence to