Hello World! Thank you for visiting my blog page.  I wholeheartedly love writing, but I love sharing my experiences and helping others even more.  For those of you who do not know me, I am a thirty-something year old wife, mother of three, and elementary reading/writing teacher.  Instead of returning to the classroom as a full-time teacher, I’ve opted to commit my time and energy to some other goals and passions…writing being one of them.  

I embrace the fact that God has placed within me many gifts, experiences, and wisdom far beyond my age.  It is my desire to use these gifts and experiences to generate discussion related to relationships, marriage, parenting, family, and education.  I definitely do not have the answers to all life’s problems, but I am confident I can offer a perspective worth considering.  I believe TRANSPARENCY is the first step towards healing, restoration, and peace.  Therefore, I aim to practice and promote transparency in every post.  

In other words, I plan on “Keeping it Real.”

I look forward to a blessed experience through sharing with you.

– Mama Tameka